World of Warcraft: March 2017 News Summaries

wow the tomb of sargeras

World of Warcraft received the 7.2 patch, titled The Tomb of Sargeras. It brought with it a selection of new content, as well as a number of updates and fixes for the game. In The Tomb of Sargeras, demons assault the Broken Isles, and attempt to break through to The Tomb of Sargeras.

Patch 7.2 continues the story of the fight against The Burning Legion, and the patch adds a large variety of content to the story, designed to be paced out over the month. The first week encourages players to return to The Broken Shore, with new world quests open there. Week 2 starts with the attacks of The Burning Legion, and the opening of the first PvP brawl battle. Week 3 opens the next chapter of the Class Order Hall. Finally, Week 4 unlocks the next part of the ongoing story, as well as opening the Tomb of Sargeras Raid Dungeon, and the ability to unlock class mounts.

Flying in the Broken Isles will become available with patch 7.2, on completion of the Pathfinder Part II story line. This of course requires you to complete Pathfinder Part I, guides to which are now available online.

PvP brawls also became available, opening special mass battles, each with their own special rules and scenarios.