WEBZEN Releases Infographic of MU Legend CBT Success

MU Legend Infographic

WEBZEN released the stats of MU Legend’s first CBT in the form of an infographic showing off insights into players’ choices. Now that the initial test is over, WEBZEN has started preparations for the second global CBT, with dates soon to be announced.

  • Combined time spent in game: 154 years or 4,854,946,057 seconds
  • Number of dungeons visited: 1,630,900
  • Countries where the game was most popular: Brazil, Poland, United States
  • Times players died at the hands of monsters: 1,854,710
  • Most popular class: War Mage

WEBZEN plans to run a second global test in 2017, and has also confirmed plans to work on additional localizations of the game (French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish) in order to satisfy the high expectations of its global communities after the two global tests.

Learn more about MU LEGEND, the different classes and features of the game on the official website or its Facebook Page.