Tencent to Publish Path of Exile In China

Path of Exile

It’s well known that China is a gigantic market for gaming, and some of the most popular games in the world right now owe their success to the huge boosts to player population due to Chinese gamers. This is something that can make Path of Exile an even bigger game than it already is due to how Chinese gamers are quite into action role-playing games, which is something that Path of Exile is at the forefront of.

Of course, there’s China’s Internet situation to consider, so the best way to get through and establish a game there is to have a deal with a Chinese publisher to support the game there. After all this time, it’s about to become a reality as Grinding Gear Games have signed a partnership with Tencent to bring Path of Exile to China. It’s indeed a significant step for the game, now that it can potentially become bigger than it has ever been.

As expected, China will have its own localized version of the game, complete with a separate realm that’s not connected to the main international realm. That’s par for course since the Chinese market is quite different from that of the rest of the world, and Grinding Gear Games themselves aren’t that familiar with it, which is why their partnership with Tencent is so significant and goes beyond that of just letting Tencent handle the distribution of the game in China.

For more information (in Chinese), please check out Tencent’s Path of Exile site.