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How does plan to combat these pesky gold sellers from ruining this game

In general a good way to cut the business of gold sellers is by allowing players to access to in-game currency via payment and/or in-game currency to also allow purchase of real money good from the game.

However it turns out that it’s usually not their real business. Gold sellers don’t farm in-game to give you gold in return…True a small share do but that’s only to help them create the front and hide their true purpose which never was selling you gold in the first place… The reason they spam message on forum and in game isn’t to sell you a service.

They primarily want you to click. This will often give them a chance at trying stealing your personal info (game or not game related) for the purpose of reselling them or further scheming to steal from you.
Alternatively they would like you to c...

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Revelation Online: How to Gain XP and Level Up Fast

founder packs

Revelation Online’s open beta begins March 6th, head start begins February 27th.Below are guides or stuff that you can do to make sure that you are going to level up faster in Revelation Online:

1. If you don’t mind spending some money, i recommend bought FOUNDER PACKS.

2. Questing. This is common to most MMORPG that involves, NPC conversation, storyline cut scene, dungeon run, boss fight, and lot more. In revelation online you will find quest categorized into 6 such as yellow quest or the main story-line quest, green or the daily quest, red or the dungeon quest, purple or the dungeon quest, blue the miscellaneous quest and orange quest which come as zone question.

You can review all your quest in quest tab and you are allowed to put it in your help menu so you can do auto-pilot on it...

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Revelation Online Open Beta Starts on March 6th

Revelation Online Open Beta and NetEase announced that players can begin spreading their wings in Revelation Online on March 6th for free worldwide. Founders pack owners will be given a head start onto the servers starting February 27th. For those adventurers, still indecisive of what class to discover the world of Revelation Online with a brand-new class trailer. This trailer will help players learn the basics of a class that uses both the power of Light and Darkness to either help their friends or devastate their enemies. The Occultist is one of the most versatile classes in the game, with interesting strategic decisions to make in solo and group play.

Founders Packs and Name Reservations:

Starting February 14th, all Deluxe Pack owners can reserve a name of their choice 48 hours ahead of other members...

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Revelation Online Closed Beta Test 3 Announced

Development plans always change, especially in MMOs, so perhaps that’s the case of a recent announcement regarding Revelation Online CBT 3. According to a report, the game’s official Facebook page dated the next round of closed beta, then shortly after wiped all traces of the reveal.

The report in question is from MMO gaming community Eterna Gaming, which shared an image captured from the Revelation Online Facebook page announcing CBT 3 on January 17th. The date was part of an apparent contest to win a key to the test, but the page has since been removed and the official site offers no new information about the third beta test.

Revelation Online has currently wrapped up CBT 2, and states that the next test will introduce English localization and a “significant increase” in the game’s level...

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Revelation Online Imperial Coins Making Guide

Revelation Online Gythil

Revelation Online is an ambitious and breathtaking new MMO in which players will discover an amazing adventure. Hopefully these tips will help you get started and build some cash, starting with some of the standard tips every former MMO player should remember to specific Imperial Coins making in Revelation Online.

General Tips

Save Money Early

Sure, you can spend your cash on gear as soon as you have it, but it’s better to use whatever gear you find while grinding through the weaker enemies available at early levels. Drops should carry you for a while until you can farm more valuable items. Speaking of which.

Farm Popular Items

Unlike many MMOs, you won’t be able to craft right away, as the crafting and gathering systems have a separate skill tree (more on that later)...

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