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MU Legend Leveling Guide

MU Legend Leveling

Mu Legend is the follow-up to the incredibly successful Mu Online, the one of the first most MMORPGs developed in South Korea. In Mu Legend, the great Mage Kundun has been resurrected as a Lord of Darkness, and the world of Mu is once again threatened. Players have four classes to choose from: Blader, War Mage, Whisperer or Dark Lord.

However, as with similar online games the challenge is to level up your characters fast enough so that you do not incur unwanted setbacks that delay your discovery of this remarkable gaming world. The good can properly protect themselves through fast leveling. Here are a few tips to how you can level up your characters faster so you can enjoy more of the game.

Go Fast

It may seem rather obvious at first, but by rushing through the quests you can gain more exp...

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MU Legend Global Open Beta Slated for Summer 2017

MU Legend Global Open Beta

Webzen has sent word that the global open beta for MU Legend is expected to kick off this summer. In the intervening months, the team will be working on localization, trading NPCs, 3v3 PvP and fine tuning the game for open beta.

MU Legend’s global OBT will be available in six languages: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese and English. This will be the first time a MU game will be available in multiple languages at launch.

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MU Legend Closed Beta Test 2 Suggestions

In the following my suggestions for some improvement of the game:

– Make the Mouse keys 3,4,5 and mousewheel available for alternative keybinding

– The chat font is not configurable and thereĀ“s no option for time stamps

– WSAD movement as possibile mode ( the skills can be bound to 1-5 or F1 to F5 and items as well

– numeric display at the experience bar

– moveable (de)-buff and status icons

– in the map: right click should zoom out to the next higher map view

clicking on the next zone should open the corresponding zone map

I know this is still a beta version, but all these suggestions mentioned are obligatory to any mmorpg. The lack of such basic possibilities alone could have a huge impact of the success of it.

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MU LEGEND’s Second Global Closed Beta Coming

MU LEGEND's Second Global Closed Beta

WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games, has announced the dates of the 2 nd closed beta phase for its upcoming action MMORPG MU Legend. The second closed beta will take place for a week, from February 21 st to February 28 th, 2017.

This new closed beta will focus on localization implementation. It will be fully localized in 5 new languages in order to thoroughly cater to global fans of the MU franchise.

Unlike the initial closed beta, people from all around the world will now be able to unravel the mysteries of the continent of MU in the following languages: French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish.

MU Legend’s first CBT received more than 200,000 pre-registrations, and WEBZEN warmly welcomes players that have not yet signed up to pre-register for th...

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WEBZEN Releases Infographic of MU Legend CBT Success

MU Legend Infographic

WEBZEN released the stats of MU Legend’s first CBT in the form of an infographic showing off insights into players’ choices. Now that the initial test is over, WEBZEN has started preparations for the second global CBT, with dates soon to be announced.

  • Combined time spent in game: 154 years or 4,854,946,057 seconds
  • Number of dungeons visited: 1,630,900
  • Countries where the game was most popular: Brazil, Poland, United States
  • Times players died at the hands of monsters: 1,854,710
  • Most popular class: War Mage

WEBZEN plans to run a second global test in 2017, and has also confirmed plans to work on additional localizations of the game (French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish) in order to satisfy the high expectations of its global communities after the two global tests.


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