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ESO: March 2017 News Summaries

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Thieves Guild One Year Anniversary

This was a typically eventful month in The Elder Scrolls Online. Starting and ending with celebrations, it was a festive month full of classic Elder Scrolls adventure.

At the start of the month there was the one year anniversary of the launch of the Thieves Guild. This was a special event set up by the Thieves Guild of Hew’s Bane. Not only could players receive double items from Crafting Nodes in Hew’s Bane, they could also get double rewards for killing World Bosses there too.

Home Decoration Contest

In the middle of the month was the first ESO home decoration contest. There were four different categories to enter player homse into, including the best duelling arena, the best party house, and an award for the home filled with the most stuff.

Jester’s Fes...

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The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Player Housing Next Year

Elder Scrolls Online players eager to move into their own dwellings will need to wait a bit longer to do so — but the good news is that it’s going to happen for sure.

After making vague promises about housing earlier this year, ZeniMax confirmed at E3 that the system will be coming out in the first quarter of 2017.

Game Director Matt Firor said that housing will be part of a sweeping series of updates planned for Elder Scrolls Online. The plan is for the implementation of several smaller DLC packs over the next year, which Firor is informally labeling as “episodes.”

Next on ESO’s agenda is the Argonian Dungeon Pack, which will arrive this August and contain a barber shop for characters who haven’t had a haircut in two years.

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ESO Gold Making Strategy for the Dark Brotherhood

Elder Scrolls Online steps into a dark and bloody alley with the release of the Dark Brotherhood DLC, which lets you murder for gold. Dark Brotherhood is included with Active ESO Plus membership or can be purchased for 2000 Crowns in the in-game store. Learn how you can make the cost of the DLC worth it by earning even more gold through assassinations, dungeon clears and world boss kills.

Become an assassin for gold hire

Welcome to the dark side. The Dark Brotherhood patch lets you slit throats and stab backs for profit, because in the world of Elder Scrolls Online, there are very rich people who will gladly give you gold to permanently remove a troublesome thorn.

In the new DLC, you can train as a Dark Brotherhood assassin, a blade for hire with the freedom to take on simple assassination...

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