RuneScape Collection Ideas by Mmotipspace

I check my ships in Player Owned Ports first thing when I log in.

Things I don’t have time for but would like to do: Herb runs and planting trees. Juju farming potions are not stored with leprechauns so I often forget them. It would be better if I could store my Juju farming potions with any Leprechaun. I also often wish I could give seeds to an NPC and have them plant them for me, sort of like a Miscellania type thing where I pay the NPC. Or, I woudl like one big farm where I could plant a lot of things all near each other and a bank, like an orchard or tree farm, or herb patches where I can use several seeds for a bigger harvest instead of one seed at a time.

I buy battlestaffs from shops in Varrock, Prifddinas, and Lunar Isle.
Mine red sandstone and make flasks.
Miscellania once a week. Sometimes I skip a week when busy.
Dailly challenge.

Things I often skip because it involves too much running around or I don;t have time:

Jack of Trades and Strange Rocks.
Del Monti fruit in Brimhaven.
Pineapples and seaweed Catherby from Arhein.
I’ve been meaning for years to finish chompy hunting.
I never do the Phoenix because I don’t have time.
Sand from Bert.
Ess from Ardougne wizard.
Wicked hood making runes.
Buying feathers, broad bolt tips, chocolate bars, grapes, apples, etc. from the Culinaromancer’s chest.
Tokkul from TzHaar.
Flax from Flax guy in Seer’s.
Planting Juju herbs or harvesting them, or catching Jadinkos to make the potions.

Tears of Guthix
Penguin spy hunting.
Troll invasion.
God Statues.

Big chinchompa.
Sinkholes. I can’t do things that are on a timer well, I keep missing the start times even when I see the announcement it doesn’t help if I am on a Dungeoneering floor or something I can’t leave.

Clue scrolls.
Capping at a clan citadel takes too long.
Court cases.

Long grindy holiday events make it so I can’t do them on more than one character without skipping other things I had planned.

Deathtouched darts are being removed too soon, so even though I won some I feel rushed to use them and can’t enjoy them or save them until I feel ready to use them.

I don’t see why they need to be removed at all. If there is content Jagex does not want them used on, just don’t let them be used in that content.

Especially during a holiday event, who has time to do the holiday event and build up Kill count for Nex while trying to do the long grindy holiday event on four accounts?

If I just do Player Owned Ports on two characters, Jack of Trades and Strange Rocks on one character, and daily challenges on 2 to 4 characters, I have very little time left for anything else. Throw in a long grindy holiday event which stops being fun after a while and just becomes a frustrating grind, and I give up on completing it on all the accounts I wanted to complete it on, and don’t have time for other things I wanted to do in game.

Why so many accounts?
I maxed on my main and had done all the quests, so I started a new account.
And I wanted to see what it was like starting an account as a member from the start. I also made a normal ironman and a hardcore ironman. I also have around 20 F2P accounts I made to do quests again, or to try PKing which I realized I hated, or for fun little goals, or just because levelling takes so long its not fun at higher levels, so its fun having a low level account I can level on quickly and often, or try content that changed or is for lower levels. You find out things like Astea Frostweb in Dungeoneering is overpowered and near impossible to beat at low levels and is not balanced properly for lower level accounts, but you also have fun with content in ways you can’t on a higher level account.

Oh yeah besides the ess from Wicked hood, the runes from wicked hood take too many steps to collect. I want them all in one click.

I almost always forget to bring mining, smelting, woodcutying, fishing, and prayer urns with me when I do skilling, plus they waste too much inventory space if I do bring them with me.

I also forget to wear achievement diary or skilling outfits or mining outfit that could give an XP boost or to use Dwarven army axe for anything.

I didn’t even know I could get planks from some NPC, and forgot about and never claimed any ecto slime buckets or ground bones.

Making sacred oil is way too hard, trying to find enough people is difficult to impossible, so even though I used to like looting the shade tombs, I don’t do it because the sacred oil is too hard to make because of not being able to get the temple built solo, and the rewards are outdated. I would like to be able to craft higher level mage robes with fine cloth.

I would like to be able to use the teleports I have unlocked and have them all active at once, not have to choose between GE, Varrock center, and near the museum, or the Watchtower and Yanille, or Seers and Camelot, etc.

I to this day don’t understand how to get points in Artisan’s workshop to get a gilded cannon.

What are you thoughts on this please?