Revelation Online Closed Beta Test 3 Announced

Development plans always change, especially in MMOs, so perhaps that’s the case of a recent announcement regarding Revelation Online CBT 3. According to a report, the game’s official Facebook page dated the next round of closed beta, then shortly after wiped all traces of the reveal.

The report in question is from MMO gaming community Eterna Gaming, which shared an image captured from the Revelation Online Facebook page announcing CBT 3 on January 17th. The date was part of an apparent contest to win a key to the test, but the page has since been removed and the official site offers no new information about the third beta test.

Revelation Online has currently wrapped up CBT 2, and states that the next test will introduce English localization and a “significant increase” in the game’s level cap. The last announcement still states CBT 3 will begin in early 2017.

Woops! Mistakes happen, and we’re sure this isn’t anything deceptive by the developers of Revelation Online. While it is a shame that the next test’s date hasn’t been locked down yet, we’ll just simply have to wait until we get final word.