MU Legend Leveling Guide

MU Legend Leveling

Mu Legend is the follow-up to the incredibly successful Mu Online, the one of the first most MMORPGs developed in South Korea. In Mu Legend, the great Mage Kundun has been resurrected as a Lord of Darkness, and the world of Mu is once again threatened. Players have four classes to choose from: Blader, War Mage, Whisperer or Dark Lord.

However, as with similar online games the challenge is to level up your characters fast enough so that you do not incur unwanted setbacks that delay your discovery of this remarkable gaming world. The good can properly protect themselves through fast leveling. Here are a few tips to how you can level up your characters faster so you can enjoy more of the game.

Go Fast

It may seem rather obvious at first, but by rushing through the quests you can gain more experience and information from the game so that you can level up your characters faster. You can start by setting aside a few hours at first to get familiar with the basics of the game. Then, approach each quest with the strategy to complete it as quickly as you can.

Completing quests quickly lets you level up faster and it reveals more information about what lies in store for your characters so you can be even better prepared.

Set Rifts on Easy Level

There are good reasons to avoid rifts in the first place if you are just starting out. However, if you decide that accomplishing rifts in the game is what you want to do, then start on the easiest difficulty level. There is no advantage to setting the level at a higher difficulty if you are still focused on leveling up your character.

When you come to a rift, decide if the benefits outweigh the risks and if they do, set out to accomplish your goal on the easy levels so you can get past them. Once you have leveled up your characters, then you can focus on the higher difficulty levels.

Soul Points

By adding soul points to your EXP gains, you can boost your chances of getting to higher levels. This is especially true when acquiring a larva pet which you can use all the time to help you level more quickly. You can also level up the pet first and get a stronger one from the garden if you desire. Keep your sets in check and combine your monster/soul/EXP attributes for faster leveling.

Purchasing Level Packages

Another way to boost up the level of your characters is by purchasing packages that let you fast-track the process so that you have better, more experienced characters from the start. A level-up package basically lets you accomplish instantly what might take many hours, days, or even weeks to accomplish with your character.

Plus, you can now explore more of the MU Legend world with far greater confidence and get even more out of the experience.