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LCS Spring Split 2017 May Feature 10-Ban Drafting System


Rumors dictate that Riot Games has given the green light to multiple regions to prepare for a 10-ban drafting system for the upcoming LCS Spring Split.

According to PVP Live, sources close to the matter have confirmed that the developer is planning as such. Additionally, Riot Games has also been busy asking for feedback on the upcoming changes from professional players directly.

As such, some players have requested that the 10-ban drafting phase be implemented from the Summer Split instead. However, multiple sources confirm that Riot Games is looking to introduce the said feature as soon as next month when the competitive League of Legends season begins.

In October, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there is significant interest in increasing the total number of bans in Le...

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Will it Be Long for MapleStory 2 to Come to The West?

maplestory 2

Nexon released MapleStory 2 for Korea in July 7th of 2015. And on April 18, the Chinese version started its first closed beta. Everyone is waiting for the western version, but it still hasn’t come. It has already been more than one year since the Korean version was released. When will MapleStory 2 finally come to the west? Nexon didn’t reveal the date, but Nexon America is now hunting for a Production Manager for its SoCal studio. Can this suggest that MapleStory 2 will finally come to the west?

MapleStory 2 is the long awaited MMO sequel to the popular MapleStory. Currently announced only in Korea, it has been teased to be a fully 3D MMORPG and will feature eight classes: Assassin, Berserker, Bandit/Chief, Gunslinger, Knight, Priest, Ranger, and Wizard...

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Revelation Online Game Review

Revelation Online

Revelation Online is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG by Chinese developer NetEase, creator of the popular game Fantasy Westward Journey. Choose from six different combat classes that include Light Blade, Templar, Summoner, and Elementalist, as well as four social jobs, that feature social and combat skills such as Dancer, Chef, Butler, and Maid. Freely distribute your skill points outside of combat to adapt to a variety of situations. The game offers three different targeting systems that include: classic tab-targeting, assisted action targeting inspired by Blade and Soul, and a third option that blends the classic and action controls. One of the game’s unique features is its permanent flight system that allows player to explore the entire game world seamlessly, in contrast with Aion‘s tim...

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RuneFest Provides Preview of RuneScape 2017

This year’s RuneFest has provided some details of how RuneScape 2017 will look, with a brief of what the team are looking to implement in to the MMO as a result of a player survey.

According to a survey of thousands of players, several systems will see rework and new features will be added to RuneScape over the course of its next year. According to the post, the team also have “a few surprises left”, but will use the survey information to inform their design decisions moving forward.

A weather system was first teased, which the team want to use as a means to engage quests or reveal hidden places. “How about lightning bolts in the distance, climbing up a lightning rod, unleashing it as a component for new spells or abilities?” reads the post...

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