June 2017 News Summaries

2017 has seen many new innovative updates and developments in the world of video games, from new features in The Elder Scrolls Online to Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft.

The Elder Scrolls Online:

Crown Crate Season

June 2017 has seen the Elder Scrolls Online release the Morrowind soundtrack, which was composed by audio director Brad Derrick and is available to download on all digital platforms.

The Elder Scrolls Online, as part of its Crown Crate season, has in June released its Dwarven Crown Crates. By buying a crate to search for Dwarven items, you open the opportunity to attain a Dwarven bear and Camel; Dwarven Guar and Dwarven horse, as well as a Dwarven Senche and Dwarven wolf.

Final Fantasy XIV:

Gamescom Cosplay Competition

Final Fantasy XIV announced in June that they would be hosting a special cosplay competition at gamescom, with a chance for its players and fans to dress to impress.

Falcon Mount Campaign

As well as this, Final Fantasy XIV launched the limited time only Falcon Mount Campaign to celebrate the release of Stormblood. The Stormblood expansion has added new field areas, new city and field aetherytes and the experience point reward system for unlocking new maps has been increased.

The leading up to the Stormblood campaign saw a brand new illustration teaser every day, as the expansion is set to take everyone by ‘storm’.

Overall, June 2017 has seen a number of exciting developments for every sort of gamer to enjoy. Don’t miss out!

World of Warcraft:

In-Game Events

The World of Warcraft in June 2017 has seen a number of in-game events for the summer. The various activities include games that test the mind with the likes of Silas Darkmoon and his troupe to Battleground bonus events and Midsummer Fire Festivals.

For those who are pet collectors, from the 21st June 2017 the Qiraji Guardling begins to re-spawn and will be available to capture all the way up to September.

New Addition to the Murloc Family

World of Warcraft have also gained a new addition to their murloc family, available as both a real life cuddly toy and an in game pet that players can capture and take along with them.

And excitingly, the last 8 teams still in the NA cup were broadcasted live on Twitch on 10th June. There are plenty of in-game features for World of Warcraft players to get involved in.