How does plan to combat these pesky gold sellers from ruining this game

In general a good way to cut the business of gold sellers is by allowing players to access to in-game currency via payment and/or in-game currency to also allow purchase of real money good from the game.

However it turns out that it’s usually not their real business. Gold sellers don’t farm in-game to give you gold in return…True a small share do but that’s only to help them create the front and hide their true purpose which never was selling you gold in the first place… The reason they spam message on forum and in game isn’t to sell you a service.

They primarily want you to click. This will often give them a chance at trying stealing your personal info (game or not game related) for the purpose of reselling them or further scheming to steal from you.
Alternatively they would like you to create account on their platform hopping you will further weaken your pass protection by hinting them in the right direction, by using your main email, etc… If you end up making a transaction using cards and such you just made their day by sharing them a card number that again, could be resell or use for the real business purpose of “gold sellers”…

Indeed main activity of “Goldselling/botter” is card fraud… When possible your card… The trick is very simple once they have a credit card number they do a hell lot of transaction with it. Either to purchase on your video game, or another one, or an entirely different business. But let’s stick to the simple case where they stay in a closed loop.

So with the stolen card, they purchase whatever possible in-game (packs, items, you name it) Then they trade with the “customer” who receive all these and think the system however illegal work flawlessly but it isn’t…

Once the card is declared stolen and the bank start to charge back us. We, as a result check all transactions logs and in-game transactions via db queries and instantly delete items from account, remove currency from account. When a share of this has already be transformed into something that can’t be easily edited, “we” (i mean the industry in general) ban the user and request the money to be paid in full if he ever wants to use the account again…

So bottom-line : Players pay the “Goldseller” real money, weaken his own privacy and security, game publishers then face real money charge backs and penalties from payment partners, high cost of transactions which lead to higher cost for players and then we also spend money on curating account with risk of losing a player for ban. Now the “Goldseller”, he got the money from the players, he got his credit card number he might consider using it at some point, he got personal info of this player he will resell to other related line of business of scam and such… He wins on every aspects.

In such light you might now understand why they’re so persistent in spamming even just on a forum and even if the game doesn’t exist. They don’t need the game so much as they need you to interact with them. The moment you do that, you contribute to their scheme and life goes on. “Goldsellers” make profit of anything, one with a taste for conspiracy, would even say they would sell your competitors “nuisance” to undermine your game…

Considering the significant costs that “Goldsellers/botting” cause us, you can be sure we’re already and will always be sinking tremendous amount of time on them. Still, if yesterday we stop a hundred account creation attempting to spam on the forum, if only one pass he spams so much that you can’t perceive any success from us in this shadow war.

We’ll deploy arsenal after arsenal over time on both forum and game but never lose that in sight. Even when Goldselling isn’t even economically viable for them based on game-mechanisms, they will still very much try to spam message. Because players/victims/goldseller’s customers remains the common denominator. Catching your attention, baiting your click is the most important part of user acquisition… Hell some “Goldsellers” even spend real marketing money these days^^

Are we going to share our plans to you guys?
Clearly not. Disclosing info will always help “Goldsellers/bot” and never manage to give you the perception that we’re on top of thing.
You will still witness resurgence of bots whenever they overcome our line of defense or simply rely in human in last resort to overcome our vigilance…

Let’s just hope, you now sympathize with our ordeal and realize we both suffer from this.
Please give us at least the credit for working against them rather than thinking we do nothing.
If we were really doing nothing this forum will be already sunk by now…

Thanks for your understanding,