Have the EU Servers Been Permanently Removed?


With the network maintenance that was done along with the patch, I was hoping for the return of the EU servers. (That were taken down during the downtime issues occurring the last couple of weeks or so.)

Upon logging in and entering an adventure world and doing the /region command, it’s still redirecting to the US server. (Along with the terrible ping and rubberbanding that occurs in the US servers.)

I live in the US, but have always used the EU servers for their superior performance. On the US servers I constantly have high ping and rubberbanding/anchoring unless I’m completely alone in the world, then it works fine.

With the EU servers, the game ran flawlessly. Never had rubberbanding or even high ping which doesn’t exactly make sense, but was the only way I could play the game.

My question is, where are the EU servers now? You can still select EU in Glyph, but you are actually ALWAYS taken to the US servers now.

Will the EU servers be returning?

And yes, the EU servers did exist. Besides the noticeable and dramatically improved performance for all those lucky enough to have played on them, you could easily use the /region command to verify that you were on them. Club worlds and Shadow Towers were always in the US though. The EU server was located in Amsterdam, NL.