Best Place to Farm FFXIV Gil in Gears of Change Patch

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest patch certainly holds true to its name; with a wealth of subtle tweaks and new content, the Gears of Change patch introduces new story quests, beast tribe quests, brand new dungeons and raids to take onĀ and even a new player vs. player mode called The Feast. In this new PvP mode, not only do players destroy one another, but they must also steal their opponent’s medals in order to be victorious. This new game mode has every player of Final Fantasy XIV rushing to take part in it due to its fast action.

With the Gears of Change patch, a lot may change, but one thing remains constant: how to farm for gil. Between Duty Roulette, tokens and working the auction house, you’ll have more gil than you can spend! While there’s no perfect place to farm massive amounts of gil, some old farming methods will still help you quickly gain riches in no time.

Duty Roulette

Any level 60 player can tell you the tricks of Duty Roulette. Beginning the daily activity pairs you with other players looking to tackle a dungeon with a random group. At its core, Duty Roulette ensures all roles are available for grouping; to make sure this happens, tank and healer classes receive bonus perks for completing this activity.

Once you’ve finished the dungeon and ended the daily Duty Roulette, you’ll get to reap all the rewards. While part of the prize cache is an array of untradeable items, you’ll also get a sizable bonus if you’re an “In Need” archetype, such as the underplayed tank or healer. Every completed instance for an “In Need” player rewards you with up to 7,000 gil, and players capable of speed-running the level 60 instances can earn upwards of 70,000 gil over just a few hours.

Unfortunately, DPS classes are hardly ever “In Need,” so those classes will need to use an alternate gil farming method.

Materia V

Materia V is some of the highest level Materia you can slot into your equipment. At lower levels, Materia confers bonuses that are negligible at best, but high-level Materia, such as Materia V, are essential if you plan on raiding or taking part in The Feast. Those extra 10 points of strength you’ll get from a Materia V gem could easily mean the difference between killing an opponent or being just shy of lethal damage. With The Feast in full swing and a new raid to conquer, the demand for Materia V is higher than ever.

The best place to start farming Materia V is in the land of the Diadem. By completing missions and exploring the area, you’ll find Diadem tokens you can exchange for Materia V gems, which you can then sell on the auction house. For just a few hours of work and some savvy auctioning, you’ll soon find your wallet filled to the brim with gil.

Desynth High-Level Items

The Gears of Change patch, like the others before it, offers a bountiful amount of new equipment. While much of these items are untradable, they can be broken down into crafting components via desynthesis. Many of these high-level crafting components will fetch a tidy sum on the auction house, especially from players looking to make new goods for The Feast. You’ll naturally find high-level loot when taking part in the game’s new quests or when completing some of the new dungeons, such as The Antitower or the hard mode of The Lost City of Amdapor.

The amount of gil you’ll get for any particular crafting component will vary, depending on factors such as how saturated the market is and how currently in-demand the items are. However, one item, the Mastercraft Demimateria, will always fetch a higher than average price. In just a few hours of work, it’s possible to make upwards of half a million gil.

Dungeon Running

The previously mentioned new dungeons, The Antitower and the hard mode of The Lost City of Amdapor, are not just ideal for desynthesis purposes but also make great places to farm gil. Once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of each dungeon, you can quickly blaze through each one and amass a ton of loot. Rather than destroying your loot for crafting purposes, selling it to merchants will net you a tidy little sum of gil. If you’re able to routinely complete the new raid, Alexander: Midas, you’ll find the gil will roll in that much quicker as the found items are much better.

While you may want to focus on just one of these gil-making methods, it’s best to diversify yourself to have multiple revenue streams at one time. By following these tips, you can quickly go from being a broke citizen of Eorzea to being one of its wealthiest.