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WEBZEN Releases Infographic of MU Legend CBT Success

MU Legend Infographic

WEBZEN released the stats of MU Legend’s first CBT in the form of an infographic showing off insights into players’ choices. Now that the initial test is over, WEBZEN has started preparations for the second global CBT, with dates soon to be announced.

  • Combined time spent in game: 154 years or 4,854,946,057 seconds
  • Number of dungeons visited: 1,630,900
  • Countries where the game was most popular: Brazil, Poland, United States
  • Times players died at the hands of monsters: 1,854,710
  • Most popular class: War Mage

WEBZEN plans to run a second global test in 2017, and has also confirmed plans to work on additional localizations of the game (French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish) in order to satisfy the high expectations of its global communities after the two global tests.


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LCS Spring Split 2017 May Feature 10-Ban Drafting System


Rumors dictate that Riot Games has given the green light to multiple regions to prepare for a 10-ban drafting system for the upcoming LCS Spring Split.

According to PVP Live, sources close to the matter have confirmed that the developer is planning as such. Additionally, Riot Games has also been busy asking for feedback on the upcoming changes from professional players directly.

As such, some players have requested that the 10-ban drafting phase be implemented from the Summer Split instead. However, multiple sources confirm that Riot Games is looking to introduce the said feature as soon as next month when the competitive League of Legends season begins.

In October, lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there is significant interest in increasing the total number of bans in Le...

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Feedback from A Post about Albion Online CB2 Beta


Lets get this game back on the tracks

Currently people are asking for you to slow down progression because some your game design is flawed and with the current design I’d have to agree with them. I would prefer you make some changes and leave the current, easy to learn, hard to master progression philosophy in place. We all can agree that balancing is needed with your current destiny board and I feel that the time investment between gathering, crafting and gear usage unlocks is way out of whack. These three areas should take equal amounts of effort to reach the same destination. They should be balanced to where tools are now, which is a meaningful amount of effort to get to a competitive level, but not months or years.

GvG Design is Flawed; I and I am sure many others ent...

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League of Legends Runes Will Undergo Major Changes in 2017

League of Legends Runes

League of Legends runes provide players significant advantage based on their respective roles. For example, a jungler without runes is likely to face a difficult early-game compared to someone running a full rune-page. The problem lies in the fact that the current pricing on runes is simply too high.

The subject of cost has been floating about for numerous seasons now. To clarify, League of Legends runes can only be acquired through IP (in-game currency). Grinding games to accumulate enough IP to complete a single rune-page wouldn’t be looked at with such disdain if you didn’t consider that Summoners also need to unlock new champions.

Responding to a thread on the official forums, lead champion designer Riot Meddler confirmed that there are major changes coming to runes sometime next year.

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