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Will it Be Long for MapleStory 2 to Come to The West?

maplestory 2

Nexon released MapleStory 2 for Korea in July 7th of 2015. And on April 18, the Chinese version started its first closed beta. Everyone is waiting for the western version, but it still hasn’t come. It has already been more than one year since the Korean version was released. When will MapleStory 2 finally come to the west? Nexon didn’t reveal the date, but Nexon America is now hunting for a Production Manager for its SoCal studio. Can this suggest that MapleStory 2 will finally come to the west?

MapleStory 2 is the long awaited MMO sequel to the popular MapleStory. Currently announced only in Korea, it has been teased to be a fully 3D MMORPG and will feature eight classes: Assassin, Berserker, Bandit/Chief, Gunslinger, Knight, Priest, Ranger, and Wizard...

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Have the EU Servers Been Permanently Removed?


With the network maintenance that was done along with the patch, I was hoping for the return of the EU servers. (That were taken down during the downtime issues occurring the last couple of weeks or so.)

Upon logging in and entering an adventure world and doing the /region command, it’s still redirecting to the US server. (Along with the terrible ping and rubberbanding that occurs in the US servers.)

I live in the US, but have always used the EU servers for their superior performance. On the US servers I constantly have high ping and rubberbanding/anchoring unless I’m completely alone in the world, then it works fine.

With the EU servers, the game ran flawlessly. Never had rubberbanding or even high ping which doesn’t exactly make sense, but was the only way I could play the game.

My quest...

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League Of Legends Fix For Patch 6.23 RAD Error

patch 6.23

League Of Legends is one of the most popular MMOs among the PC community. Given that it is a massive game some minor errors and glitches are bound to happen. One error that recently started to pop up after the patch 6.23 has been bothering LOL players very much.

Thanks to “Feedlord” from EUW (via Reddit user 55redditor55) who has found a simple solution to this problem. Since this issue is being solved by changing the player’s DNS server it seems that the issue is with the Riot’s DNS server.

What we need to do is to tell windows to not lookup the IP address for but instead tell it the IP address.
Step 1 : Click on the start menu and type “notepad”
Step 2 : Right click on notepad and choose “Run as administrator”
Step 3 : Go to File – Open and navigate to the folder “C:W...

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How to Get Albion Online Silver?

albion online silver

Albion Online is a cross-platform free sandbox MMO currently under development by Sandbox Interactive, a Berlin-based Game Studio. It is currently in closed beta. Launch date has not yet been confirmed. Founder’s Packs are available for purchase at the Official Website and will give players access to the game when the servers are available. Though the Albion Online has not yet released, many players cares about the detials, such as Albion Silver, the passage is mainly talking about Albion silver guide.

How do I get silver?

Silver is primarily dropped from humanoid mobs out in the world, when you first leave either Kings or Queens Market you will enter into an area with a lot of tier 2 resources and tier 2 heretics...

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Beginner and Advanced Way of Albion Online Silver Making

There are uncountable ways to make silver, a main in-game currency, in a sandbox MMORPG like Albion Online. In other MMORPGs, gold can be obtained generally through killing monsters, crafting, and trading with other players. However, Albion Online offers more than that. Being a sandbox MMORPG, there are more advanced ways to farm silver in Albion. Let’s talk in details.

Beginner Silver Making

Kill a Humanoid Monster

The first way to make silver is to kill a humanoid monster. This is a pretty obvious and common way. However, since this type of mob is the main target for other players as well, a number of silver drops can be quite low when they are overkilled. It can be a problem especially for new players. Every time they kill a mob, they will get only around 20 silver...

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