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Final Fantasy XV Has Gone Gold

Final Fantasy XV cover

Final Fantasy XV has gone gold. This means the game is finished. It’s done, and ready to be put on discs and uploaded to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One digital storefronts. To commemorate that event, details about all four DLC add-ons and “Omen,” a new Final Fantasy XV CG cinematic trailer, has been released.

Square Enix confirmed that development is shifting to Final Fantasy XV’s DLC. In addition to Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis, and Episode Prompto, which let players control each party member in an original story as they explore new areas and collect equipment, a Comrades expansion pack will be released. Comrades will add an online cooperative multiplayer mode in which Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto will all be playable...

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FFXIV Upcoming Patch 4.0, Stormblood, Coming in Summer 2017

ffxiv 4.0

Final Fantasy XIV newest expansion, Stormblood, was announced on the second day of Fan Fest 2016. Although the revealed information is still somehow limited, we have more ideas on what will be added to the game next year including new story, classes, explorable areas, and including bad news for PS3 players.

Show Opening and Story

Naoki Yoshida, the game’s lead director and designer, showed a part of Stormblood trailer to fans on the stage with a similar setting to the Heavensward introduction a few years ago. Within the trailer, a monk lady, who looks pretty similar to a dancer, is fighting with the Midlander hero from the Heavensward trailer. The backstory of this lady is expected to be revealed starting from patch 3.5. An army camp can also be seen.

Stormblood is going to launch in an ea...

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League of Legends 2017 Season Update Changes Detailed

League of Legends 2017 Season

With the 2016 season about to end on 7th November, Riot has put up a new webpage highlighting the changes coming to the game in League of Legends 2017 season update.

As expected, the summary update containing all the new additions and tweaks planned for the League of Legends 2017 season update, is full of content that can be a real job to break down. Some of the highlighted new features which Riot has promised will be made available in the new season are replays and practice mode.

Riot is also going back on their decision to remove Solo/Duo queue made earlier this year. Not only will the 2017 season bring back Solo/Duo queue but also morph the Dynamic Queue into Flex Queue...

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Best Methods to Farm Trove Flux Guide

Flux is a common material in Trove. It’s used to upgrade items at the Forge and Enchanted Forge, and to create diamonds and shadow diamonds for the Ringcrafting profession. It can be crafted into a Megaflux Tank for 9,999 Flux, saving space in an inventory.

Flux is also used as an official currency in the game’s marketplace tab. Flux is used as a ratio to determine how valuable an item is; ratios appear as <Item/Material>:<Flux>.

Flux is obtained from dragon caches in large amounts, or through putting unwanted equipment into the Loot Collector in small amounts. The amount of flux gained per operation is based on the rarity of the item that has been broken down.

These are the best and fastest methods of farming flux including methods of 2k-3k+ flux per hour! This was a highly requested vide...

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Tencent to Publish Path of Exile In China

Path of Exile

It’s well known that China is a gigantic market for gaming, and some of the most popular games in the world right now owe their success to the huge boosts to player population due to Chinese gamers. This is something that can make Path of Exile an even bigger game than it already is due to how Chinese gamers are quite into action role-playing games, which is something that Path of Exile is at the forefront of.

Of course, there’s China’s Internet situation to consider, so the best way to get through and establish a game there is to have a deal with a Chinese publisher to support the game there. After all this time, it’s about to become a reality as Grinding Gear Games have signed a partnership with Tencent to bring Path of Exile to China...

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