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RuneFest Provides Preview of RuneScape 2017

This year’s RuneFest has provided some details of how RuneScape 2017 will look, with a brief of what the team are looking to implement in to the MMO as a result of a player survey.

According to a survey of thousands of players, several systems will see rework and new features will be added to RuneScape over the course of its next year. According to the post, the team also have “a few surprises left”, but will use the survey information to inform their design decisions moving forward.

A weather system was first teased, which the team want to use as a means to engage quests or reveal hidden places. “How about lightning bolts in the distance, climbing up a lightning rod, unleashing it as a component for new spells or abilities?” reads the post...

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RuneScape Collection Ideas by Mmotipspace

I check my ships in Player Owned Ports first thing when I log in.

Things I don’t have time for but would like to do: Herb runs and planting trees. Juju farming potions are not stored with leprechauns so I often forget them. It would be better if I could store my Juju farming potions with any Leprechaun. I also often wish I could give seeds to an NPC and have them plant them for me, sort of like a Miscellania type thing where I pay the NPC. Or, I woudl like one big farm where I could plant a lot of things all near each other and a bank, like an orchard or tree farm, or herb patches where I can use several seeds for a bigger harvest instead of one seed at a time.

I buy battlestaffs from shops in Varrock, Prifddinas, and Lunar Isle.
Mine red sandstone and make flasks.
Miscellania once a week...

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ESO Gold Making Strategy for the Dark Brotherhood

Elder Scrolls Online steps into a dark and bloody alley with the release of the Dark Brotherhood DLC, which lets you murder for gold. Dark Brotherhood is included with Active ESO Plus membership or can be purchased for 2000 Crowns in the in-game store. Learn how you can make the cost of the DLC worth it by earning even more gold through assassinations, dungeon clears and world boss kills.

Become an assassin for gold hire

Welcome to the dark side. The Dark Brotherhood patch lets you slit throats and stab backs for profit, because in the world of Elder Scrolls Online, there are very rich people who will gladly give you gold to permanently remove a troublesome thorn.

In the new DLC, you can train as a Dark Brotherhood assassin, a blade for hire with the freedom to take on simple assassination...

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